Wednesday 8 March 2017

Best ranked 15 highest-paying internships companies

Most of the interns think of an internship as an unpaid job and involves a whole lot of bsy work, coffee fetching and various other errands. However, this does not hold true in Silicon Valley.
The top tier companies in U.S. have fierce competition amongst them to acquire the very best young engineering talent. Not only this, internships are highly-prized too.
You get only or minimum wage salaries here and no expenses. In fact, there are several tech interns who are paid upwards of $6,000 per month, which is much more than the earnings of some people in other industries who have decades of experience behind them.
In this article, we bring to you the top 15 highest-paying internships in the U.S. technology industry today that were derived based on the data provided by Glassdoor – a site for reviewing employers. The list ranks the best highest-paying internships in order of the top to the last.
Note: The figures listed are monthly salaries of 10 or more intern, salaries for companies submitted to Glassdoor within the last two years. The salaries provided below are all for internships based in the US. Conversions into pounds, but the amounts paid by these companies to their interns in Britain — and anywhere else in the world — will likely differ from what is paid in the U.S.
1. Dropbox: $8,500/month (£6,800)
A former intern said:
“I just felt like people cared about me. My mentor cared about me, my team cared about me, the other interns cared about me … They also gave me a ton of money, but come on, hopefully that’s not your main reason for working somewhere. Along similar lines, the food is, of course, really excellent.”
2. Pinterest: $8,125/month (£6,500)
A former employee said:
“Exciting technologies and vibrant culture. Very dedicated to keeping employees happy and inspired. Interns were treated really well. Great efforts in increasing diversity.”
3. Facebook: $8,000/month (£6,400)
A former intern said:
“Lots of good things to say about Facebook: I’ve worked at other Bay Area tech companies, and Facebook culture and management is really up there. Extremely open culture helps cultivate functional relationships between managers and employees, unity in understanding what the end goal we’re working towards is, and huge ownership and responsibility of owned projects. Product directly affect the lives of millions of people everyday, and the company makes sure employees are taken care of (especially interns!). Company has good prospects, and the vision statements and culture strongly manifest themselves in how the company is run, and how products are made.”
4. LinkedIn: $7,500/month (£6,000)
A former intern said:
“LinkedIn has a great culture complete with bikes to ride, a gym and fitness trainer, pick up basketball, entertainment space and of course free food. The teams I worked with were very pleasant and eager to help. They even have an internal incubator and hackathons that allow you to build in any ay imaginable. The CEO Jeff Weiner is truly inspirational.”
5. NEC Labs America: $7,400/month (£5,900)
A former intern said:
“Great place to do your own thing. The people are very friendly and extremely intelligent. The admin staff are the best I’ve seen … Don’t expect direction unless you want to do something EXTREMELY menial. Some groups are completely rudderless, and work is very silo-ed.”
6. Walmart eCommerce: $7,219/month (£5,800)
A former intern said:
“Great engineers and scientists working in Walmart Labs. Everyone who works there is very friendly. Good sense of mission. Very friendly culture. Willingness to take risks and try new things. Interns get to work on great projects and the internship program is clearly a high priority for the company.”
7. Microsoft: $7,000/month (£5,600)
A former intern said:
“I had a great summer: great location, a great office, and great coworkers. The problems we solved were interesting, and our final product felt like it had purpose.”
8. Nest: $6,773/month (£5,400)
A former intern said:
“Really smart engineers. People are very invested in the product and the mission of the company … Being tied to Google adds a lot of pressure in areas like finance and profitability. Lots of cut backs while I was there, doesn’t seem to be a great relationship between the companies.”
9. Uber: $6,730/month (£5,400)
A current intern said:
“Uber is an exciting company that is in the news weekly. They have weekly all-hands meetings with Travis fielding questions. This is somewhat unique compared to other companies of the same size. The culture is strong with the best ideas winning.”
10. Groupon: $6,667/month (£5,300)
A former intern said:
“Great culture, very friendly people, very well established workflow and industry practices … because it is somewhat of an older company as far as tech goes, it’s no longer as “sexy” and they are more established in their ways.”
11. Google: $6,600/month (£5,300)
A former intern said:
“You are given a lot of freedom over the work you do as an intern. I was given one main project to work on when I entered the role, but was able to branch out into additional types of work as well as the internship went on … You don’t have much say over the team and role you are placed into. Also, you do not know much about what your role entails until you actually arrive. Google is can be very secretive.”
12. Yahoo: $6,333/month (£5,100)
A former intern said:
“The pay and benefits are promising. Lots of fun activities during my internship. A must-mention: the foods are really good! The people are very friendly and the working pace is very proper for me: people work hard, but not too intensive.”
13.Twitter: $6,333/month (£5,100)
A former intern said:
“The interns are usually well-programmed. From the day one you can be on top of your project. I interned at Google Inc before and comparing to my previous experiment Twitter was awesome. The company is mid-size so you have place to grow.”
14. Expedia: $6,333/month (£5,100)
A former intern said:
“The company culture is great, with strong sense of belonging and great work-life balance. Coworkers were extremely friendly … Expedia is a HUGE company at this point, and the work is distributed very efficiently–meaning not much room for creativity in everyday work.”
15. Apple: $6,333/month (£5,100)

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