Saturday 4 February 2017

Hey Facebook, Stop Confusing Your Users With “Friends Day”

Millions of people across the globe are logging into their Facebook accounts and seeing a creepy video in front of them, which wishes them “Happy Friends Day.” Well, what is it? Didn’t we celebrate Friendship Day, which is also recognized by the UN, on the first Sunday of August or July 30?
Well, it appears that Facebook wants that the users celebrate company’s birthday as Friends Day. To lure them into doing so, Facebook is here with a dancing humanoid robot that’s made out of emojis and images of your “best” friends.
It’s not the first time Facebook is trying hard to replace the well-recognized Friendship Day with its own Friends Day. In 2015, Zuckerberg said that February 4 isn’t just Facebook’s birthday. Instead, it’s all about celebrating friendship.
While people might be considering it a way to share their memories and happy moments, Facebook bosses might be having a different agenda in their mind. Over the time, Facebook’s News Feed has turned into a collection of links and GIFs, something that defeats its original purpose. This is making it harder for Facebook to use your information to fetch ad data from its user. The Friends Day gimmick is just a way to increase user engagement.

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