Sunday 2 October 2016

Here are the top Android smartphones especially for gamers

When you consider what the first mobile phone looked like when it was released in 1973, it is amazing how much these devices have evolved since then. Phones today can basically do the same tasks once performed exclusively on computers. Gaming has become a popular activity to perform on these phones whether one enjoys a simple casino game of poker which you can play on online casinos Canada accessible form or a more complex game such as Halo you can download from the play store. Some Android phones have specifications that make them ideal gaming phones.

HTC One M10

Battery life is an important consideration when gaming on the go. Some games use a lot of power to run. That’s why the M10 is a great Android phone for gamers because it can recharge through wireless means.


Some gamers look first at the screen size of a phone. The G5 has a larger display screen. Measuring 5.3 inches, the G5’s display help gamers fully appreciate the sharp graphics of their games. The battery has also been improved upon in this latest model.

Motorola Droid Turbo

Gaming phones should have a zippy processor. The reason for this is to keep games performing well without buffering or choppiness. The Turbo has a powerful enough processor to provide smooth gaming experience even some of the HD games. The display screen is also impressive, measuring 5.2 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung continues to explore new frontiers in gaming technology. The S7 is the first of its kind to feature waterproof technology. This means that when one is gaming on the go, no worries about your device dying if it makes contact with water. You can be in the middle of an intense poker game and drop it in a puddle and not miss a deal.

Nexus 6P

With a 5.7 inch display screen, gamers will find this a great gaming phone. Complete with a fast processor and 3 GB of RAM, the 6P performs well for gaming.
When considering all of these models, the Samsung Galaxy S7 emerges as the best Android phone for gaming.  It has all the necessary requirements for running games as well as some innovative features not found in other devices.

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