Friday 17 March 2017

WhatsApp Reverses Its Horrible Sins, Brings Back Text Status

 an update coming next week, WhatsApp will bring the text status back into the picture. The status spotted in the Android Beta version will be present in the About section of people’s profile. It would be visible next to people’s names in the contact list when creating new chat thread and in the group info for chats. WhatsApp is bringing back their old school text-only status which lived in its full glory before WhatsApp killed it with their Snapchat clone. In fact, the text status feature has existed on WhatsApp even before the text messaging functionality was added.

The text status feature was spotted in an Android Beta version last week. Once rolled out, it would be possible to edit the status in the About section of a user’s profile. It will be visible to other users next to the contact names or in the group chat info.
WhatsApp was quick to take action after facing the backlash from people. However, they are not done with the new graphics-rich Status thing – people say WhatsApp copied from Snapchat Stories – having a 24-hour life after it comes into existence. In fact, the stories feature is not limited to the popular instant messaging app. It’s daddy Facebook, is implementing it for Messenger and Instagram in other names.
WhatsApp will be rolling out the update for Android users next week and iPhone users in the coming days.

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