Wednesday 11 May 2016

     This is the second time social media has been blocked by the governement of Uganda the first time it was blocked during the election period now it has been blocked a head of the swearing in of the Allegedly elected president ,this is a pure violation of peoples freedom and we greatly donot support this. Some people in uganda are now using vpns to access them but the majority donot know about them,before this happend  the USA EMBASSY OF UGANDA MADE THIS POST ON FACEBOOK

"It is our hope that during President Museveni’s inauguration and related activities this week, the Government of Uganda will commit itself to defend the rights and freedoms of all its citizens. Especially important during this time will be respect for the freedoms of information, expression and assembly. We are reminded of the Government’s decision to shut down social media during the February 18 elections, and its recent ban on media coverage of the political opposition’s activities. As we have said before, such acts send the wrong message to the Ugandan people and are violations of their rights, as guaranteed in the country’s laws and constitution.
A society that is free, vibrant, and successful depends on the free flow of information and ideas, including access to information online and through a free and independent press. We expect authorities to uphold these principles."

But it turns out this was all in vain because the government didnot listen so if you have any way of helping the people of Uganda in Any way please help them And please share this post

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