Saturday 15 October 2016

Panasonic Shows Off An “Invisible TV” That Becomes Transparent When Turned Off

Just when people started to claim that with the arrival of 4K displays, there won’t be any prominent advancement in the field of television, big players like Samsung, Panasonic, and LG, started teasing pathbreaking technologies like foldable and transparent displays.
Earlier this year at CES, Panasonic showed off its futuristic television that became a transparent glass when turned off. Similar technology was showed off by Samsung at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Last week Panasonic showed off an improved version of its older invisible TV at Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Japan.
Panasonic’s engineers have worked hard to make sure that the newer display looks as good as the other televisions in the market. While the previous screen was LED, the new screen has been upgraded to a new OLED display. This will let you see clearer and brighter images even against a bright background.
This screen is made from a thin mesh embedded in a glass panel. One can even slide the panel, just like a cabinet panel. The OLED displays put a fine plastic layer between two electrodes over a glass slab. So, when there’s no electric signal, the display looks transparent.
This futuristic technology is the latest sci-fi technology that has turned into a reality. Similar transparent displays have been a part of movies likes Avengers and Minority Report.
According to the company representatives, the consumers would have to wait for another 3 years before being able to buy this invisible TV
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